Author name in publications: In earlier publications, my name was stated as Tang Quoc Bao (in full) and T.Q. Bao (for citation). This is due to my vietnamese name (Tang – familial name, Quoc – middle name, Bao – given name). Recently, I have switched to Bao Quoc Tang (in full) and B.Q. Tang or B. Tang (for citation).

Research interests:

  • Deterministic and random dynamical systems
  • Reaction-diffusion systems
  • Quasi-steady-state approximation
  • Chemical reaction networks theory

PhD Thesis
May 2015, University of Graz, Austria
Supervisor: Prof. Klemens Fellner (University of Graz, Austria) and Prof. Herbert Egger (University of Darmstadt, Germany)
On the Large Time Behaviour of Reaction-Diffusion Systems: Convergence to Equilibrium and Random Attractors

27. Esther S. Daus, Bao Q. Tang, Trend to equilibrium of renormalized solutions to reaction-cross-diffusion systems. (Preprint, ArXiv)
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22. Bao Q. Tang, Close-to-equilibrium regularity for reaction-diffusion systems. Journal of Evolution Equations (link) (Preprint) [This paper is Open Access]

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18. K. Fellner, E. Latos, B.Q. Tang, Well-posedness and exponential equilibration of a volume-surface reaction-diffusion system with nonlinear boundary coupling. Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré (C) Analyse Non Linéaire. 35.3 (2018) 643-673 (link) (Preprint)
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