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Stabilisation by noise on the boundary with dynamical boundary conditions

Together with Klemens Fellner, Stefanie Sonner, and Do Duc Thuan, I have uploaded a paper on arXiv, which deals with stabilising effect of noise on the boundary for a Chafee-Infante equation with dynamical boundary conditions. Certain dissipative PDEs have either … Continue reading

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[4.5.2016] Fujita blow up phenomena and hair trigger effect: the role of dispersal tails

Today ArXiv will be this paper of Matthieu Alfaro. Firstly, a side interesting fact is the term “hair trigger effect”, which sounds cool to me  🙂 It can be translated naively as “adding just a small hair could change everything”. … Continue reading

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[3.5.2016] Global existence and Regularity results for strongly coupled nonregular parabolic systems via Iterative methods

Today post is not a new ArXiv article but instead referred from such an article. While reading the Introduction of this (today) ArXiv paper of Dung Le, I came to another old ArXiv paper of him which I’m going to write about … Continue reading

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[29.4.2016] Dynamics near the ground state for the energy critical nonlinear heat equation in large dimensions

In this post, we talked about a paper concerning the, roughly speaking, blow-up profiles of solutions to the critical heat equation in large dimensions (). In the ArXiv paper of C. Collot, F. Merle and P. Raphael today, they study … Continue reading

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[28.4.2016] Global classical solutions of the Vlasov-Fokker-Planck equation with local alignment forces

Young-Pil Choi studied in this paper the existence and large time behaviour of solution to the following nonlinear Vlasov-Fokker-Planck equation where and Assuming the initial data close enough to the global Maxwellian the author proved that the solution to the … Continue reading

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[27.4.2016] Generalized entropy method for the renewal equation with measure data

In this paper of P. Gwiazda and E. Wiedemann, they apply the generalized entropy method, which is initated in a series of work of B. Perthame and collaborators, cf. this paper, to show the exponential convergence to equilibrium for the … Continue reading

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[26.4.2016] Green’s function and infinite-time bubbling in the critical nonlinear heat equation

In this paper of Carmen Cortazar, Manuel del Pino, Monica Musso they studied the profile of solutions which blow-up in in-finite time of the critical nonlinear heat equation in a bounded domain with . The solutions are shown to have bubbling type of … Continue reading

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